I've created ListList as a service for subscribing to Awesome Lists updates via RSS and email. Unfortunately, it got no traction, and only a few users started using. Since it still required some time for maintenance every week, which I currently don't have, I decided to shut it down.

If you're interested in my future projects and other stuff I'm up to feel free to subscribe to my occasional newsletter (no spam, sent quarterly or less frequently) or follow me on Twitter.

What can I use instead?

As a replacement, you might use an RSS feed with recent commits provided by Github for each repository (e.g. sindresorhus/awesome). Unfortunately, it doesn't show changes made in a commit, only a commit message.

If you want to get updates by email here are a few services that could convert those RSS feeds to emails:

What happens with my data now?

All data will be kept in backups. If you've subscribed to the ListList newsletter, I might send you an email in the future in case I'll resurrect ListList or create some related service. If you want your data removed ping me at hi@kirillmaltsev.net.

I've got another question. How can I contact you?

You can contact me at hi@kirillmaltsev.net.